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2’s Review: ‘A Bronx Tale’ is filled with music, dancing & raw emotion

The cast and crew of A Bronx Tale are delivering emotion and hitting all the right notes in a touching father and son tale. The show is played out in the streets of Brooklyn in the turbulent 1960s and 1970s.

The show opened Friday night on the Broadway Palm stage, under the brilliant direction of Victor Legarreta and the magnificent choreography of Amy Marie McCleary, who maximizes every inch of the stage for entertainment.

The show’s success is clearly attributed to some great talent beginning with young actor Caisson Dobson, who shines in his role as the young ‘Calogero,’ the boy who witnesses a murder outside his Belmont Avenue home.

Despite what he sees, he decides not to rat on mob boss ‘Sonny,’ played effectively by actor Daniel Rosenbaum who becomes a role model for the young ‘Calogero.’

It’s a great coming of age story as ‘Calogero’ becomes a teen. Actor Sage Spiker takes over the role and falls in love with a young black woman, ‘Jane,’ played by actress Charis Michelle Gullage who unleashes some beautiful tones.

The couple decides to see one another despite their vastly different upbringings. The interracial relationship leads to some grief given the time period.
Even from ‘Calogero’s’ working-class father ‘Lorenzo,’ played by actor Andrew Fehrenbacher, who delivers a flawless rendition of Look To Your Heart.
Their romance blossoms and so does the anger on the streets, finally erupting into a brawl that eventually leaves ‘Calogero’s’ friends dead.

The show is filled with some great doo-wop music with a full orchestra, dancing and elbow-in-the-rib gags, and perhaps most importantly for many is that it’s been cleaned up to eliminate much of the swearing to make this a family-friendly show, which Broadway Palm is known for.

If you’re a fan of A Bronx Tale this show won’t leave you disappointed.

The show runs through May 22 and the theater continues to operate a 50% capacity. Click here for more information about tickets and showtimes.

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