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Cape Coral business owners upset over F*** Biden flag

CAPE CORAL, Fla.– The owner of a business on Pine Island Road was upset when she saw a truck with a flag that said “F*** Biden.”

Tricia Hennessy owns Empower, a business that caters mostly to children. When she saw the flag she was worried about kids seeing that obscenity.

The truck belonged to someone working on the water line outside of her building. Hennessy contacted city officials in Cape Coral, who said they couldn’t do anything because it was not a city vehicle.

That’s when Hennessy called the company. She spoke with a supervisor who said she would resolve the issue.

Hennessy worried that it is not the only flag and kids could be seeing curse words all over Cape Coral. She hopes people will think twice before flying a flag with a curse word.

The post Cape Coral business owners upset over F*** Biden flag appeared first on NBC2 News.


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