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Cape Coral neighborhood frustrated by flooding, drainage woes

FORT MYERS, Fla.– Heavy rain across Southwest Florida left standing water in several neighborhoods, especially for one area in Cape Coral. 

“Obviously, yesterday with that rain we got, it rained a couple of inches for about 20 minutes and there’s no place for water to go. They (city) made an attempt to fix it and obviously, they haven’t been able to fix it. Unless somebody comes out and tries to fix it again, and I’m not exactly sure what they need to do it,” said resident Scott Nally. 

Residents described the intersection of Southwest 16th terrace and Southwest 11th avenue near Trafalgar parkway as a lake but added that this happens almost every time it pours. 

“Last night it got so bad that came almost all the way to our house. There’s so much rain coming down, so quickly that there’s nowhere for it to go. I think of that movie ‘River Runs Through It’ that’s kinda what it feels like when it gets really bad,” said resident David Zukin. 

According to those living in that area, the city has tried to fix the problem, but so far residents have not seen anything work. 

“It’s like a lake! Yesterday was the worst I’ve ever seen it. The water just gets so high and then the cars try to go through it and they stall. Hopefully, the city will do something about it,” said Catherine Mulroy.

We reached out to the city of Cape Coral to find out more information about the drainage system or to see if any future projects are in the works, but we’re still waiting to hear back. 

The post Cape Coral neighborhood frustrated by flooding, drainage woes appeared first on NBC2 News.


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