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Cats mauled by dog attack in Lehigh Acres

LEHICH ACRES, Fla.–A woman in Lehigh said two Pit Bulls broke into her Lani and attacked her cats early on Tuesday morning.

Patricia Plilley heard barking but thought she was dreaming.

When she came out to check on the noise, she saw two white Pit Bulls viciously mauling her animals, killing one of them.

“She only lasted a few minutes, she cried out but we think her neck got snapped,” said Pliley. 

“The dogs were over in the far corner there and I yelled and they busted out the whole screen and went out.”

Holding the hopeless cat named Ivy, she called her son, who immediately rushed over.

“It broke my heart. I cried quite a bit,” said Jack Teraps.

Patricia said she reached out to law enforcement but they couldn’t do much since it wasn’t a crime. A report was filed with animal control about the incident.

She’s asking those in the community to keep an eye out for 2 white Pit Bulls.

“We’re just trying to find the dogs so it doesn’t happen to someone else or someone’s child,” says Patricia Pliley. 

The post Cats mauled by dog attack in Lehigh Acres appeared first on NBC2 News.


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