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Charlotte County moves closer to herd immunity

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla.– Of all six counties in NBC2’s coverage area, Charlotte County is the closest to herd immunity.

Doctor Joseph Pepe said that can be attributed to the large senior population.

“We really want to get that positivity rate under one percent. We’re not there yet but we’re getting closer,” Dr. Pepe said. 

Nearly 100,000 people are vaccinated in Charlotte County. Now that a majority of seniors are vaccinated, the focus is on young people being vaccinated.

“On Saturday we’re doing a pop up site out in Englewood and that’s really because the Pfizer vaccine is approved for 16 and older so we’re using that as an opportunity to vaccinate our school kids,” Dr. Pepe said.

Marissa Maietta is 19, slightly above that pediatric age range. Nonetheless she said she’s ready.

“I honestly was waiting for a really long time just because I’ve been nervous about getting it because a couple of my friends have had it. I didn’t want to get it and spread it to my family… I know a lot of younger kids can’t and they still have to go to school and deal with that. I’m lucky to get vaccinated honestly.”

Pepe said to expect more convenient sites for the younger generation to get vaccinated. Not only to hit herd immunity – but to decrease the pediatric positivity rate.

“Fewer cases means fewer restrictions. People can get back to what their lives were before covid. Maybe there’s some new normal and less worry,” Pepe said.

 16 and 17 year olds can get their Pfizer shots this weekend at Tringali Park in Englewood.Just make sure to have a caregiver in attendance.

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