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Collier County to build ATV park

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla.– Ripping around on an ATV can be a ton of fun but finding a place to do it in Collier County hasn’t been easy.

For more than 15 years, the Collier County ATV Park Ad Hoc Committee has served as a voice for riders. The group has worked with the county to scout out a location for an ATV Park near Golden Gate Estates.

They’ve had to work with a tight $3 million budget.

“It’s just been the County sitting on the money and just twiddling their thumbs,” said Josh Sturgeon, Member of the Collier County ATV Park Ad Hoc Committee.

With pricey potential properties and only two members of the committee remaining last December, the task became impossible.

The ATV Park Committee was put on pause.

A deadly problem is on the rise as some riders choose to take their off-road vehicles onto the streets of their neighborhood. So the riders are giving it another try.

“The off-road community and the side-by-side community has grown tremendously in the past five years making sure our families are safe while we’re riding is the most important thing,” said rider Elio Gorrostieta Jr.

The County and riders hope their struggles will attract a private landowner to offer up their land for a bargain.

Until then, Collier County Parks & Rec encourages residents to purchase a $100 annual pass for Big Cypress Park.

“It’s everything…swamp buggies, four-wheelers, side-by-sides. walking, hiking, camping. You name it, they have it there,” Sturgeon said. 

Residents can redeem 50% reimbursement of the gross paid permit amount. Reimbursements can be requested at Max A. Hasse Jr. Community Park with submittal of:

  • Valid Collier County driver license
  • Original BCNP ORV Permit receipt showing the gross amount paid
  • BCNP ORV Permit

For more information, call The Max A. Hasse Jr. Community Park, at 239-252-4200.

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