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Everblades Duo Focusing on Wins over Goals

FORT MYERS, Fla.– If you haven’t been out to Hertz Arena for an Everblades game, you’re missing out as the team leads the league in goals by a wide margin, spearheaded by two veterans at the top of the league leaderboard.

It doesn’t seem to matter how many games they play or how many goals they score. The horn blaring and the crowd cheering will never get old to Everblades forwards Michael Hunterbrinker and John McCarron.

“That is why we play right, when you see the red light go on you know it still gets goosebumps even though it might’ve happened 23 times this year but I hope it happens 23 more times,” McCarron said

The pair have been at the front of the Everblades offensive explosion this year. Scoring a combined 46 goals for the league leaders.

“The puck seems to be going in a little easier when you get on a little scoring run. So you know the net seems to be a little bigger sometimes but no it has been a lot of fun,” McCarron said.

The Blades lead the league in total goals with 176 and the pair lead the individual charge with 23 a piece and are currently tied for the league lead.

“If you would have asked us a couple months ago I would say that most of us did not think this was possible. Just how successful a year it has been with everything going on,” Hunterbrinker said.

For Hunterbrinker, it’s a new career high in goals breaking his previous high of 20. For Captain McCarron, he is only six shy of his goal record with neither allowing the other to let up.

“We kind of give it to each other like if I pass him up he will let me know he’s coming back soon,” Hunterbrinker said.

“It is funny he will go up by two or I will go up by one and he said I’m coming tonight. So it kind of gives you that little extra push some nights when you are playing your fourth game in five days,” McCarron said.

Because the more they score, the more the Blades win and the closer they get that ultimate team goal of a championship at the seasons end.

“If I have five goals and we win the Kelly Cup that is way better than having 50 goals and we don’t,” McCarron said.

“Everything that happens in the regular season just kind of gears you up for the ultimate goal which is to win at the end of the year,” Hunterbrinker said.

The Everblades will be home for three games this weekend against Jacksonville beginning on Friday.

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