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Florida to receive nearly 550,000 doses of COVID vaccines

FORT MYERS, Fla.– Florida is expected to receive a bigger shipment of COVID-19 vaccines next week, even though there is a pause on administering the Johnson & Johnson shot.

The state is expecting nearly 550,000 doses of Moderna and Pfizer combined. 

“Overwhelmingly, our vaccine supply with Moderna and Pfizer, I think it’s looking really good regardless of what happens with J & J,” said Dr. Kartik Cherabuddi with University of Florida Health. 

“I think it can affect vaccine hesitancy and that’s what we should address.”

Some people said they are beginning to think twice about getting vaccinated after the CDC and FDA announced they were investigating the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. However, medical experts said the risks are minimal and the other vaccines are safe. 

NBC2’S Vax Facts

If you are interested in getting vaccinated, as of Wednesday, there are thousands of appointments for next week still available at the Lee County vaccine site at the Edison Mall.

You can register online or by calling 1-866-200-3468.

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