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Florida’s proposed voting changes could impact older residents

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Proposed changes to Florida’s voting laws could negatively and disproportionately impact older Floridians.

Two bills in the Florida Legislature could affect how Florida’s seniors vote if they are signed into law. Those bills are House Bill 7041 and Senate Bill 90.


The potential changes would prevent local supervisors of elections from delivering on election day requested ballots to nursing home or assisted living community residents. People who relied on this as a voting method would no longer have this as an option.


Also, the proposed changes would require voters to submit new vote-by-mail requests annually. The current law allows a vote-by-mail request to last for two general election cycles.


Under the new law, drop boxes could be eliminated or may be open only during early voting hours.

The new changes could also require stronger security and mandatory photo identification for voters who use drop boxes.

Also, it would be illegal for another person, other than an immediate family member, to have the ballot of another voter.

“It’s concerning that Florida plans to enact changes to the election system that would complicate voting for older Floridians,” AARP Florida State Director Jeff Johnson said. “We encourage all Florida voters to review these proposals and understand how they could affect you.”

The post Florida’s proposed voting changes could impact older residents appeared first on NBC2 News.


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