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FSW Baseball Success Brings MLB Scouts to Fort Myers

FORT MYERS, Fla.– Baseball can be one of the toughest ladders to climb in sports but the Florida Southwestern Bucs baseball team gives their players a leg up by building a program that has become a must see for the games top scouts.

When you have a winning formula like the FSW baseball team it’s no surprise that some extra eyes are in the stands.

“With winning comes the scouts,”, Freshman OF/1B  Carter Cunningham said.

This year, there has been no shortage of wins or MLB scouts at the games. The Bucs having a scout and an upper level manager from each team come out to the park.

“Naturally if you are looking to increase your wins at the highest level you, you know looking out for players you want to get winners,” FSW head coach Ben Bizier said.

Even with the extra attention the Bucs haven’t missed a beat.

“It just really benefits guys like me that really haven’t gotten their name out yet,” Cunningham said.

The Bucs are ranking in the top 15 in the country and closing in on another conference title.

“At first when everybody gets here for pregame and you are going through everybody obviously, they notice them but once that first pitch clocks in everyone’s head is onto the game,” Sophomore pitcher Antonio Knowles said.

Building a program filled with future MLB talent in the eyes of the scouts.

“We had a lot of scouts walking out of here and telling us ‘hey you are firmly on the map,” Coach Bizier said.

As well as in the eyes of the players on the diamond.

“This team I think we might have multiple kids wear my sons and I could be like how you see that guy playing on TV that was my centerfielder or my first baseman or this was our ace on the team,” Knowles said.

The MLB draft is set for July but first the top 15 Bucs will turn their full attention to another Suncoast Conference championship run.

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