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Funding breakdown of Biden Administration’s latest COVID-19 investment

WASHINGTON — To improve the detection, monitoring, and mitigation of COVID-19 variants, the Biden Administration announced a $1.7 billion investment to help states fight the mutations.

$1 billion of the funding will help the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, states, and other jurisdictions to monitor the circulation of the variants.

$400 million will be used to support the launch of six new Centers of Excellence in Genomic Epidemiology. These centers of excellence will operate as partnerships between state health departments and academic institutions and will fuel cutting-edge research into genomic epidemiology.

For example, the partnerships could focus on developing new genomic surveillance tools to better track pathogens of public health interest with the objective of developing surveillance methods to be used more widely in the public health system. 

$300 million will go towards building and supporting a National Bioinformatics Infrastructure.

Experts use bioinformatics and complex computing to connect the dots between how pathogens spread and mutate to help solve outbreaks. This investment will support creating a unified system for sharing and analyzing data in a way that protects privacy but allows more informed decision-making.

State funding breakdown

Recipient Name Initial disbursement
AL Alabama $3,593,711
AK Alaska $1,301,896
AZ Arizona $4,898,780
AR Arkansas $2,557,921
CA California (less LA County) $17,091,936
CO Colorado $4,063,734
CT Connecticut $2,858,697
DE Delaware $1,434,966
DC District of Columbia $1,287,724
FL Florida $12,699,436
GA Georgia $6,732,998
HI Hawaii $1,677,852
ID Idaho $1,881,778
IL Illinois (less Chicago) $6,381,627
IN Indiana $4,598,546
IA Iowa $2,633,332
KS Kansas $2,500,516
KY Kentucky $3,354,450
LA Louisiana $3,453,954
ME Maine $1,638,483
MD Maryland $4,221,375
MA Massachusetts $4,686,602
MI Michigan $6,386,578
MN Minnesota $3,998,300
MS Mississippi $2,535,036
MO Missouri $4,271,779
MT Montana $1,487,165
NE Nebraska $1,962,725
NV Nevada $2,592,176
NH New Hampshire $1,646,998
NJ New Jersey $5,779,696
NM New Mexico $2,051,956
NY New York (less NYC) $7,007,315
NC North Carolina $6,661,942
ND North Dakota $1,318,662
OH Ohio $7,321,756
OK Oklahoma $3,073,880
OR Oregon $3,217,140
PA Pennsylvania (less Philadelphia) $7,062,902
RI Rhode Island $1,481,992
SC South Carolina $3,728,600
SD South Dakota $1,386,014
TN Tennessee $4,651,811
TX Texas (less Houston) $15,555,044
UT Utah $2,661,289
VT Vermont $1,242,807
VA Virginia $5,589,242
WA Washington $5,083,469
WV West Virginia $1,884,569
WI Wisconsin $4,098,728
WY Wyoming $1,217,959
CHI Chicago $2,380,016
HOU Houston $2,174,709
LAC Los Angeles County $6,415,283
NYC New York City $5,480,079
PHL Philadelphia $1,770,253
AS American Samoa $927,139
GU Guam $992,571
MH Marshall Islands $942,797
FM Micronesia $956,256
MP Northern Marianas $928,238
PW Palau $911,922
PR Puerto Rico $2,654,551
VI Virgin Islands $958,344

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