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Health Matters: The Importance of Annual Checkups

From your vision to your hearing, even your memory, Lee Health family medicine Dr. Ravi Ramaswami says annual physicals are a good opportunity for health experts to do an overall check of your health. “The term “physical” is a misnomer, it should actually be called preventive examination and the reason it’s important is that it’s not whatever is obtained in a physical exam on that particular day, it’s actually to prevent problems in the coming months or years.”

Doctors say regardless of your age, it’s important to have a physical every year. “It goes all the way from children to adults and seniors. Each category of people has different requirements of things that we look for. In children, we are looking at possible obesity, childhood obesity, problems concerning that, developmental milestones, for instance. As one grows older, we are looking at tobacco use, their general lifestyle,” he said.

But it’s not only your physical health doctors are concerned with. “Stress is one of the most underrated causes of problems, medical problems. We do depression screenings. We really look at their overall health,” said Dr. Ramaswami.

Doctors may also order lab tests to check your blood sugar, kidney function, liver function, and cholesterol. “Being able to detect things that would have a bearing on somebody’s health in the future is what preventive care is all about,” he said.

Making it important to do regular self-exams as well as maintain your annual physicals.

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