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Instagram to let users filter out abusive messages

Instagram is launching new tools that allow users to filter abusive direct messages.

The filter looks for certain words, phrases and even emojis that indicate abusive content, the social media company said.

The list of abusive content is compiled by Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, which is used to filter through DM requests, but users are allowed to add their own words to it.

The new tool set was designed to also make it more difficult for previously blocked people to contact users again using a new account.

Instagram also won’t allow recidivism, which means if someone’s account is disabled for breaking Instagram’s rules, the company would remove any new accounts they create whenever they become aware of it.

Account owners will have to manually activate the feature, called Hidden Words, as it will not be enabled by default.

Facebook is trying its new filtering tools on Instagram first and hopes to bring them to Facebook Messenger and What’s App before next year.

Click here to read more about the company’s new feature.

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