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Lehigh Acres couple build ‘Wonderland Express’ to drive around 19 adopted dogs

LEHIGH ACRES, Fla. – Paul and Alice Johnston have rescued more than a dozen dogs for several years. The couple has always had a big heart when it comes to adopting fur animals that have been abused, or abandoned. 

“When we would have one that we couldn’t find a home for, we adopted. Of course we thought, mhm 19 dogs – it’s going to be a nightmare,” said Alice Johnston. 

With a handful of dogs, it was a challenge to walk them all at once. 

“Well of course they wouldn’t all fit in the car, so Paul came up with the idea of building a train, so we can take them for a ride,” said Johnston. 

Passersby and residents around Thompson Ave have probably spotted the couple driving around in their ‘Wonderland Express’ dog train.  

“People videotape us every Friday. It’s so funny people will bring their dogs out to see us and they’ll bring their children out to see us,” Johnston said. “We knew it was a big hit in the community. It’s funny because sometimes they wave at the dogs and I’m thinking, I wish my dogs could wave back cause they would.”

In each wagon, dogs can be seen wagging and barking, all excited to be riding around with the Johnston tribe. The couple hopes this will make people go to a shelter instead of a puppy mill or breeder. 

“We have adoptions signs, just to give people an idea to let them know what we’re doing,” the couple said. 

For those that would like to see the dog train around Lehigh and give a quick wave, the Johnston set up rides on Friday — weather permitting. 

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