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Online sales tax to automatically start in Florida on July 1

Florida is going to enforce its online state sales tax that could make big online purchases more expensive.

The state has had a tax but it’s been up to the purchaser to tell the state they bought something online and then pay the taxes on it.

Under the new law if a customer purchases something for $100 online they would be required to pay the 6% sales tax which would bring the total amount to $106 beginning on July 1st.

“Anytime that people have to pay more I think there’s going to be some outcry,” said Bryan Blackwell.

Blackwell is a small business owner and a member of the Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce. He said the tax levels the playing field for all businesses and he said that is why he supports the online tax collection.

“I think getting it back in the coffers of the unemployment coffers is probably the best option,” Blackwell said.

The taxes are expected to generate $1-billion dollars and that money will be used to replenish the state’s unemployment trust fund.

“That’s going to be a big benefit long term for small businesses,” Blackwell predicted.

That’s because it keeps businesses like his from paying more in unemployment taxes in order to replenish the fund.

“Even corporations that had record profits in 2020 are getting this tax break,” said Democrat Anna Eskamani.

She is the District 47 State Representative and voted against the internet sales tax.

“It’s literally just a permanent tax break for businesses across the state of Florida that we the consumers are paying for and we might not see anything in return,” Eskamani stated.

The CEO of The Florida Retail Association Scott Haley disagrees.

“I think it is something that will be good for all Floridians.  Really bolster our economy and our businesses at a time they need it coming out of the pandemic,” Haley said.

The governor signed the bill just before midnight before it automatically took effect without his signature. He could have vetoed it but there were enough votes to override that.

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