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Proposed fishing changes at Naples Pier aim to protect pelicans

NAPLES, Fla. — The City of Naples Community Services Advisory Board held a public meeting Tuesday to discuss proposed changes to fishing on Naples Pier.

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida proposed changes to increase pelican patrol staff and limit the amount of time the pier is open to fishing.

At the meeting, several people described seeing pelicans and other birds get hooked and tangled in fishing wire.

Ray Erickson, who works with the conservancy, spoke with NBC2 earlier this morning on the pier.

“The hook being in a place it shouldn’t be or the line’s wrapped up too bad, the bird might not make it past the day or the next day,” Erickson said.

Other people spoke against the changes. Jennifer Adriaanse grew up learning to fish with her family on the pier.

She is worried the regulations will lead to a slippery slope.

“I’m afraid that they are going to, you know say okay, there’s no more fishing on this pier,” Adriaanse said.

Naples Police Chief Tom Weschler also spoke at the meeting. He said it is difficult to enforce the current fishing rules. Weschler asked that the advisory board clarify the rules for fishing on Naples Pier.

The advisory board said it would look at testimony and come to an agreement on proposed changes. The board would then recommend those changes to the city council.

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