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WANTED: Woman promising ‘witchcraft services’ steals $100K from victims in Naples

NAPLES, Fla. – A mysterious woman named Rosalia advertised around Golden Gate and East Naples, promising to solve relationship problems using “witchcraft services,” according to police.

Instead, she reportedly swindled more than $100,000 combined from at least 10 victims using —not magic— but an elaborate and disturbing scheme, the Naples Police Department reported.

The first victim called police on March 14. He told detectives he encountered a flyer for Rosalia’s services at a 24-hour laundry mat on Golden Gate Parkway. The flyers had a “100% guarantee” promising results such as “if you’re having an argument with your wife/girlfriend, she can help you with your problems,” according to a police report.

Police said Rosalia advertised her “spiritual services” in many forms, including in free Hispanic newspapers, on the radio, and by posting flyers in laundromats and stores in the area.

He made the fateful call, spoke with the would-be witch on the phone and scheduled an appointment to see her at her “office” located at 900 6th Ave S, suite 201. Victims described Rosalia as 5-foot-2 woman with a medium build, blonde hair with dark roots and light brown eyes. She spoke Spanish with an unknown accent, police said.

Tarot cards in tow, Rosalia, told the victim she saw something “dark” in his life during their first consultation.To fix the darkness, she told the man to sleep with three eggs under his bed and then bring them to her the next day, the report states.

The second appointment was the material of nightmares.

The man brought the phony prophetess her eggs, and she proceeded to wave them over his head and face, the report states. Then, she opened each egg: the first was filled with blood, the second with needles and third with worms.

But that wasn’t enough to remove the “darkness” from his life, according to Rosalia.

She told the man to bring her all the money he had and to borrow money from friends and family so she could bless it and multiply it, according to the report.

On his third visit, the man brought her $29,500 for her to bless, the report states. But when she saw “a darkness in the money,” she told him she had to take it to her temple in Fort Myers to clean and return to him the next day at 8 a.m.

However, the next day, Rosalia canceled their appointment over text — and then stopped responding to his messages altogether. The man told police he had no idea she was going to steal his money.

Police met three other people outside Rosalia’s suite — all who said they were expecting their “cleaned money” returned to them at 8 a.m.

The other victims were able to provide police with more information, including her phone number, screenshots of text messages and her office address located at 2740 Oakridge Court Unit 303 in Fort Myers.

An officer tracked down the office, which he found had been rented for two months to Bruno Soza who sells religious artifacts, the report states. The building’s owner told police he had never met Rosalia, but she was there more often than Bruno.

So far, 10 victims have come forward with a total combined loss of $100,000. The media ads were published in December 2020, leading to the in-person scam beginning mid-January 2021 and ending mid-March 2021, according to police.

Police are searching for Rosalia, who — like magic — seems to have disappeared.

Anyone with information or anyone who can identify the woman in the composite sketches is asked to call the Naples Police Department at 239-213-4844.

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